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Transforming Communities: Technical Assistance, Training, and Resource Center (TC-TAT) is a national technical assistance, training, and resource center that advances new practices, skills, movement building, and policies to prevent violence against women and related forms of abuse, including domestic violence, sexual assault, teen dating violence and gender-based bullying.



Doing Different With Less: Three Tools

In this two hour webinar, participants will explore three useful tools to enhance organizational planning and execution in fiscally challenging times.  


1) The organizational eco-cycle provides a new way of thinking and planning work and participants will learn how to navigate traps which prevent them from moving forward.  


2) Collective impact is a useful framework for tackling complex community challenges in a collaborative context.  Participant will discover the key conditions required for the successful implementation of collective impact. 


3) The final tool focuses on community engagement. The Top 100 partners tool will help organizational leaders effectively identify and recruit community leaders. 


When: Monday, August 11, 2014
10 a.m. –12:00 p.m. (Pacific Daylight Time)




Review the latest issues of Catalyst Connections, a new online series featuring articles, activity worksheets, and related resources to help advocates strengthen prevention work in our communities.

Volume 3, Issue 2: "Promoting Gender Respect - Engaging Men and Boys: Lessons From The Field"

Volume 3, Issue 1: "Because We Have Daughters: Implementing and Adapting a Model Program" 

Volume 2, Issue 1: "Building Beloved Community"

Volume 1, Issue 1:
"Building Our Intersectional Gender Analysis"
Volume 1, Issue 2: "Reframing Evaluation as a Tool for Social Justice and Community Empowerment"

Volume 1, Issue 3: "Advancing Domestic & Sexual Violence Prevention Efforts through Disability Justice"

TC-TAT Resource:

"Connecting with Our Communities: A Peer Dialogue on Community Engagement Work to Prevent Violence Against Women"
Community-based activists are working in diverse communities in California and represent organizations that may or may not have dedicated funding for prevention.  Explore what in-depth community engagement looks like and how to do this work with limited resources.  
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